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"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" - Peter Drucker


The above quote is the mantra we live by.  Business intelligence is highly dependent on Analytics. It provides the "raw material" that gets processed and yields actionable data for the smart strategist to plan the growth of the company. There are so many metrics a business needs to track of, such as, its marketing KPIs, sales, costs, lead conversion rate, client average lifetime value, client retention, etc... As a result it is a challenge to keep track of the KPIs in a digestible and meaningful way. 

Google Analytics is better known as the free, go to, tracking platform for a website's metrics. Although it is free, it is a highly sophisticated tool that can yield a treasure trove of actionable data that can very easily increase the growth of a company that generates business from its website. With the various dimensions and options available, there are several views and uses of Google Analytics that are unknown to most users. We are proud to count among our ranks certified Google Analytics professionals. 


Tableau is becoming, if it has not already become, the gold-standard for business' big data. It has the capability to connect to a plethora of data sources, and its secret sauce lies in its ability to "normalize" the data, thus being able to synchronize and reconcile the metrics, thus yielding one unified set of numbers which can become the source of truth. We have Tableau experts on our team that stay at the forefront of the technology and attend annually the Tableau Conference.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

The amount of data that is available today can be overwhelming and it is easy to drown in an ocean of numbers. Business intelligence in the ability to filter this data and focus on the "critical few" metrics that really matter to your business. Business intelligence dashboards go one step further and actually offer visualization of those few metrics. So in a few, simple, color-coded graphs and widgets, an executive can get a quick glimpse of the overall health of the business or of any particular department. It allows for a quick pulse check on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Knowledge is power, and these dashboards are a roadmap for Growth Hackers.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking can be among the most difficult metrics to track for a number of reasons. Technology has come a long way and there are now several tools available that greatly simplify the call tracking process. Calls can be recorded for quality control and validations of the Marketing campaigns. Talk time, number of dialed calls, number of inbound calls, geographical data, all can be tracked and provide valuable intelligence to a call center, a Sales teams, or a Marketing department. With numbers that can be dynamically switched depending on a number of pre-set variables, it is now possible to track phone calls down to the keyword that was queried which triggered the phone call. If your business generates a good portion of its business through phone calls then it is imperative to have a robust tracking mechanism in order to hack that growth potential.

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