Phone Call Tracking

Call Flows

     Although the title sounds quite Orwellian it is actually a very powerful marketing tool. It allows to distinguish from which marketing efforts are your inbound phone calls being generated. That intelligence allows to make better business decisions and further improve your company's marketing ROI. 

       In addition from uncovering the source of the phone calls there are additional benefits that a company can enjoy. They are as follows.

Whether it is only 2 individuals responsible for answering phones or whether it is two dozens individuals, one can set up the optimal call flows for your company needs. One option is a "hunt group", also knows as a round robin, where each phone rings a set number of times before being forwarded to the next phone in line. Another option is to have all phones ring at the same time and whoever answers first gets the call. This incentivizes

Call Recordings

For a business there is nothing more frustrating than investing marketing dollars in well designed campaigns, and then to go on and have an inexperienced sales rep burn through lead after lead without closing a single one of them. Call recordings can offer a treasure trove of information. Not only about uncovering poor salesmanship, but also how to optimize the sales script, and unearthing what kind of leads are the marketing campaigns driving? Having the proper call tracking and recording tools can offer world of benefits to your business for both training reasons and optimization practices.

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