Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Landing Page Development

    We are firm believers in the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. If one is not moving forward then one is falling backward. The only constant is change itself. Because consumers and customers preferences are constantly changing, then what may have worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. To ensure continuous success, and withstand the test of time, every aspect of Marketing messages and campaigns need to be tested and optimized.

One of the cornerstones of Growth Hacking is speed. In order to reach the inflection point that leads to growth, one needs to test a lot, and test fast. We use tools that allow us to develop landing pages in a very quick fashion and create the A/B experiment very efficiently. If there is enough traffic to be statistically significant then we may even consider multi-variate experiments but those are rare. Speed is a Growth Hacker's friend.

Funnel A/B Testing

Whether your business is based on lead generation or online transactions, a funnel is present in either case. Understanding and optimizing that funnel is primordial to a business' growth. Funnels are one of the lowest-hanging fruits for a Growth Hacker. Whether the target is to remove entirely one of the steps (creating a one-page checkout process), or simply increasing the conversion rates of one or several steps, the ramifications to the bottom line are enormous. 

Product Page A/B Testing

In the e-commerce world a product page is also known as the money page. It is where a sale is made or lost. A product page is filled with text, tabs, imagery, and call to actions. With so many variables, the number of possibilities for variants are endless. Finding the right mix can significantly improve the conversion rate and as such the bottom line. Again, we use a number of tools that allow us to use your existing website or product pages for fast testing and optimization with minimal involvement from your IT team if necessary. 

Ad A/B Testing

Digital Ads, whether text or banner ads, are typically the first impression your prospective leads get of your brand. Advertisers' guidelines can severely restrict the length and type of message that can be delivered, as such, finding the optimal message to drive the desired action is critical. Yes, creative writing and design play a part, but at the end of the day, the customers are always right, so metrics should be the driving force behind the correct messaging and right artistry to deliver your message and increase your ROI. Through constant A/B testing of ads, a company can increase its odds of attracting the right type of visitors and thus its bottom line.

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