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Influencer Marketing has been around for several years already, but recently it has become more of a mainstream marketing channel, and a study has shown that about 70% of brands has incorporated Influencer Marketing as part of their Social Media strategy.

            The rise of Influencer Marketing can be largely seen as a result of several factors:


  1. Social Media channels are changing their algorithm

  2. Audiences are less influenced by big celebrities

  3. Audiences trust micro-influencers more

  4. Followers of micro-influencers are more engaged

  5. ROI is superior over traditional Marketing

  6. Increased Trust

  7. Increased Brand Reach


Whereas many Influencer Marketing agencies have relationships with certain influencers, and they try to fit them with whichever new client they get. Sometimes that lead to trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


At Blue Swan Strategies, we are influencer agnostic and we will research and connect with the best-suited influencer for our clients’ goals.

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