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    We are a Google AdWords certified agency. In order to receive such an accreditation, we do not pay Google a single dime. We have earned it. We had to pass not one, but several hour-long exams. We also had to demonstrate longevity by managing AdWords account for a certain length of time and also demonstrate good stewardship by managing a certain amount of advertising budget.


        Each paid advertising campaign is tailor-made to your business’ goals. There is absolutely no cookie-cutter approach and no automation. All your campaigns are managed from US-based professionals and are geared towards a single goal: your bottom line.

As mobile devices have become abounding and studies have demonstrated that the number of hours each individual spends on their respective mobile devices increases, it is imperative to target users during those moments. Mobile devices have the ability to trigger an inbound phone call immediately, as well as generate online form fills through mobile-friendly landing pages.  Mobile advertising is particularly successful for B2C companies as well as organizations that rely on the “impulse buy”.


Bringing past visitors to your website or landing page is a successful strategy that will deliver positive ROI. Historically this strategy has worked quite well for certain types of ecommerce websites and their respective Shopping campaigns, as well as lead generation efforts in "non-impulse buy" type of industries. If the sales cycle tends to be long, then remarketing is a prime weapon to be added to your marketing arsenal.

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